Almost finished my photo book titled: "Birds of the Pacific NorthWest".

"Birds if the Pacific NorthWest"  is not a catalogue of the birds found in the Pacific Northwest but rather a collection of photographs of birds I have encountered in my travels. The photos are selected on an aesthetic rather than a pedagogical basis; it is a folio of my photographs of birds.

There are birders and there are bird photographers. What is the difference? A birder knows the species and identified the bird by sight. A bird photographer takes the shot of an interesting bird and then goes home to figure out the identity of the bird in the photograph. “Birds of the Pacific Northwest” is definitely for the reader who enjoys photographs of birds. It is a celebration of bird photography; an excellent photograph of a common bird like a Mallard will make the cut while a poor shot of a rare bird will not.

The book was designed in Adobe InDesign with the photographs cataloged in Adobe Lightroom and edited in Adobe Photoshop. The photographs were all taken using Nikon equipment primarily the Nikon D500 and D850.

We are hoping to have the hard-cover book ( Landscape 13" x 11") ready in September of 2020.  I will update this page once we have more information.
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